September 30, 2014

Teddy Roosevelt Bear

Teddy Roosevelt Bear   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

Taking historical figures, and turning them into animals.
This is President Theodore Roosevelt, appearing as a brown bear.

A second to come soon!


This has been hard for me to write, but I lost a dear friend this past week. My big, happy yellow dog Emma has passed away.

This is my favorite photo of Emma & I. 
And that's all I have to say about that.

I love you Emma.

September 24, 2014


Look what I went out and bought at Barnes & Noble this week:
I have three illustrations appearing in this issue!

You can grab your own copy of Babiekins at many locations and bookstores! 

Happy Wednesday little rabbits!

September 20, 2014

In My Hart of Hearts

In My Hart of Hearts   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

Something I did for the music magazine, The Girls Are, illustrating the song "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This gentlemen deer is my interpretation of the song lyrics. I'll be letting you peek into the print magazine shortly.

His clothing and title were inspired by a little quote from the pen of great literary icon, Will Shakespeare. It just seemed fitting as "Hart" is an old world term for a male deer or stag.

"Show me the person who's master of his emotions, and I'll put him close to my heart—in my heart of hearts—as I do you."  
-William Shakespeare, Hamlet

September 6, 2014

Morning Glory Muffins, Tea & Toys

..Official list of 5 things I'm thankful for today..

1. These Morning Glory Muffins (the recipe was tweaked a bit)
2. Sketching a new painting
3. The season of sweaters begins in just 17 days
4. Vintage floral fabric
5. Old fashioned toys (See below: Edward the wooden horse)

Morning Glory Muffins are such a wonderful thing to wake up to, it's a small wonder what inspired their name. Here Edward my own wooden horse is keeping a close eye on them until snack time officially starts.