January 31, 2014

Bear Hugs & Bee's Knees Originals

Bear Hugs & You Are the Bee's Knees   Each 8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

Originals of these two are now available for purchase in the shop!

Almost having a hard time parting with these quirky-motto inspired pieces, and I do love that girl and her bear so!

January 27, 2014

Girl & Owl Sketch

I've really been enjoying the entire process of a painting lately, it's life in every stage. Sketches have been of particular interest to me lately. So I thought I would share my latest sketch with you as well, of a girl & her owl. The painting is now currently drying on the easel, and I'll share the official title & finished piece shortly.

I've been snowed in and stuck inside the house for quite some time now & I find myself dreaming of a non-blizzard-day so I can go to the store and goggle over all of the wonderful moleskine sketchbooks!

Hope your week will be better than ever little rabbits, wherever you are!

January 17, 2014

Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

Oh to have that fuzzy friend's arm wrapped around me. I imagine there's nothing to compare to the embrace of a gentle bear, and I was a tad jealous of the receiver while painting this. As a heads up, I'm first in line for a real-life Bear Hug! Honestly who doesn't love a bear hug, even of the human variety?

You Are the Bee's Knees & Bear Hugs

I'm so happy for daydreaming on a cozy Saturday!

January 15, 2014

You Are the Bee's Knees

You Are the Bee's Knees  8"x10"   Acrylic on paper

As promised, here's the first installment of my spring dreaming. I openly admit that I'm a sucker for old geeky sayings, The Bee's Knees being among my most favorite. It's more than true of this nifty gent because he has one perched on his left knee.

I'll be sharing a sweet painting of a girl and her wild-beast-like-friend in the next day or two!

January 12, 2014

Snippets & Spring

The real title of this post should be:
Things I Love About the Winter & How I'm Not Betraying It (Abridged Edition)

-The snow. Period.

-The quiet calmness winter seems to blanket us in, we're not frantic or restless... just happy & snowed in. (see above)

-You can stay inside sketching & painting for hours on end and no one tries to tempt you to come outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

But despite all of that, my thoughts have been on spring this past week & it's very unlike me to be dreaming of that so soon. Completely involuntary I assure you. It must have been that long cold snap we Mitteneers recently endured, the stores sneaking vegetable seeds on the shelves, or perhaps it's the result of a sweet little bird family I'm feeding that switched my thoughts. At any rate, I couldn't wait to share a few snippets of my spring-thaw-inspired-sketches! 

The paintings are almost finished and will be ready to share in a day or two. Ta-Ta my little rabbits!

January 9, 2014


Oaken    8"x10"   Acrylic on wood

I was recently approached by a very sweet admirer of one of my recent works. The lovely letter asked if I would be interested in doing three similar paintings that were sentimental to her. And as in Paper Flowers, each with a specific plant and animal. I was thrilled to take on this commission, and as a result I present to you... Oaken!

Titled after his oak leaf & acorn wallpaper - which not only appeal to his red squirrel friend, but also depicts the strength and stability of this young fella.

The original painting has been spoken for and is off to live in his new home, but prints will be available in the shop! I'll be sharing the other two companion painting with you over the next few weeks. 
Until then!