February 23, 2015

My Work on Display at Renaissance & Papyrus

I've mentioned in the past how much I adore this shop, but I just can't say enough about how wonderful it is! You feel inspired as soon as you cross the door's threshold.

I am just so excited about the new display the lovely gals who work there recently created.
I'm a huge fan of this type of collage arrangement.

So, thank you ladies!

February 16, 2015

Originals: In the Air, on the Ground

Originals, prints & print sets of In the Air, on the Ground (this 4-piece miniature series) are
now available in the shop!

Happy Monday dears.

February 15, 2015

In the Air, on the Ground

The four, feathered and furry friends, together at last

In the Air, on the Ground: Nell, Diggery, Mr. Tweet & Mrs. Tweet

Some fly in the air, some walk on the ground, but they are all friends.
I'm dubbing this little series "In the Air, on the Ground".

Stay tuned! Prints and originals will be hopping into the shop tomorrow afternoon!


Diggery   5"x7"  Acrylic on paper

Diggery Groundhog loves the farmer's turnips. There is no way a turnip can be prepared that Diggery will not wholly enjoy. If asked the best way to serve them however, he will most likely tell you mashed with a spot of butter and pepper.

As of the moment, he has put on his best bowler for a visit to Nell Hedgehog's house. The two of them meet every Tuesday and Thursday and play cribbage over brunch.

He is sorry to admit that Nell has bested him the last score of games.

Nell & Diggery   both 5"x7"  Acrylic on paper

And with that, this little fella finishes up this mini set.
I've fallen in love with this tiny series, although I'll admit Diggery has burrowed his way into my heart most of all. 

February 13, 2015


Nell   5"x7"  Acrylic on paper

After visiting the farmer's garden, Nell is off to her little hedgehog abode to cook up some mashed turnips. Her dear friend Mr. Diggery (the local groundhog) is coming for brunch and he appreciates a turnip more than any other living soul.

Tomorrow I'll share "Diggery", the final piece in this fun miniature series.

Mrs. Tweet

Mrs. Tweet   5"x5"  Acrylic on paper

The delicate and fragile Mrs. Tweet. 
She and her husband met on a rainy day under a willow branch. 
She is of the opinion, that a shawl can be a handy thing before a morning flight.

Here's the happy couple together.

Mr. Tweet & Mrs. Tweet   both 5"x5"  Acrylic on paper

Two more paintings left to do, they'll make their appearance shortly.

February 12, 2015

Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet   5"x5"  Acrylic on paper

Nothing brightens the day quite like a little chickadee. This particular variety is known as the Black Capped Chickadee, so he is sporting his tweed cap proudly. I'll admit to having my own Mr. Tweet who lives in our birdhouse, and he has greatly inspired this piece. 

This is the beginning of a four part mini painting series I've been working on.

Coming up next is this fine fellow's companion, 
the missus. 

February 11, 2015

Marmalade Day

I just love orange marmalade.
My beautiful, fun-loving mother and I had ourselves a Marmalade Day this week.

What is Marmalade Day you ask?
Only the most spectacular day where homemade sweet, sticky, orange marmalade is concocted in a home kitchen. We made ours following this lovely recipe for Honey Orange Marmalade.

Firstly oranges were peeled.

Then after quite some time of taste-testing while stirring a sweet, boiling pan, we found ourselves to be the proud owners of four delicious jars of the world's best marmalade!

We had some tea with our marmalade biscuits, while watching a few episodes of Paddington Bear (the collector's edition of the classic stop-motion animated fellow which was a Christmas present of mine!)

I've been living off of this while working on a new 4 piece mini painting series - which I will begin sharing with you tomorrow! 

Until then, best of luck with your own Marmalade Day dears.

p.s. this marmalade makes for a fantastically, wonderful upgrade to a PB & J.

February 10, 2015

Woodland Snowgirl

How is a woodland snowgirl made?

With branches, carefully packed snow, pinecones, acorns, a twig, a plush fox stole (borrowed from a certain furry friend), and an old red beret.

Add lots of fun, a heaping teaspoon of the most fantastic mother, and a dash of overly excited golden retriever. Serve immediately with hot chocolate on the side.

..A recipe for a fun filled day and  a woodland snowgirl..