February 15, 2015


Diggery   5"x7"  Acrylic on paper

Diggery Groundhog loves the farmer's turnips. There is no way a turnip can be prepared that Diggery will not wholly enjoy. If asked the best way to serve them however, he will most likely tell you mashed with a spot of butter and pepper.

As of the moment, he has put on his best bowler for a visit to Nell Hedgehog's house. The two of them meet every Tuesday and Thursday and play cribbage over brunch.

He is sorry to admit that Nell has bested him the last score of games.

Nell & Diggery   both 5"x7"  Acrylic on paper

And with that, this little fella finishes up this mini set.
I've fallen in love with this tiny series, although I'll admit Diggery has burrowed his way into my heart most of all. 

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