February 11, 2015

Marmalade Day

I just love orange marmalade.
My beautiful, fun-loving mother and I had ourselves a Marmalade Day this week.

What is Marmalade Day you ask?
Only the most spectacular day where homemade sweet, sticky, orange marmalade is concocted in a home kitchen. We made ours following this lovely recipe for Honey Orange Marmalade.

Firstly oranges were peeled.

Then after quite some time of taste-testing while stirring a sweet, boiling pan, we found ourselves to be the proud owners of four delicious jars of the world's best marmalade!

We had some tea with our marmalade biscuits, while watching a few episodes of Paddington Bear (the collector's edition of the classic stop-motion animated fellow which was a Christmas present of mine!)

I've been living off of this while working on a new 4 piece mini painting series - which I will begin sharing with you tomorrow! 

Until then, best of luck with your own Marmalade Day dears.

p.s. this marmalade makes for a fantastically, wonderful upgrade to a PB & J.

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