November 15, 2015

2016 Calendar: Year at a Glance

Lots of exciting things have been taking place around here! And now I am happy to introduce a new product I've been wanting to finish for ages...

A year at a glance calendar!

2016 Calendar - Year at a Glance: Books Were Once Trees   11"x14" large print

I just love how the single print holds all of the days in a year, and it will serve as a piece of art until the new year comes (or hang on to it and continue to enjoy it into the new year!)
I've listed it in the shop and it's just in time to make a perfect present at Christmas!

P.S. As I was building this, I discovered a fun little fact: twenty sixteen has 366 days due to a sneaky little leap year! I'm already planning on having a miniature party to celebrate that phenomenon, because after all, February 29th's a rare little 'fella!

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