November 4, 2015

Original Paintings Available at KRASL Art Center

--Original Art Update--

Some of my original paintings are now available at KRASL Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. Please contact KRASL for inquiries about purchasing & reserving original art. 
269.983.0271 - Jackie:

This is a lovely art center & gallery and I am so delighted to have my work featured at KRASL!

Bob Cratchit   6"x6"  gouache on paper

'Twas the Night Before Christmas   11"x14"  oil on canvas
Patty Cake's Recipe for Fun   14"x11"  watercolor & gouache on paper
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts   8"x10"  gouache on paper
Mr. Toad   8"x10"  gouache on paper
The Rat and His River   14"x11"  gouache on paper

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