July 25, 2015

A How-To for Christmas in July

Some things should be remembered more than just once a year..
Christmas in July has become a tradition at my house, and I am so glad that it has!

It's like celebrating Christmas' half-birthday.

How to observe your own 
Christmas in July (on a moments notice):

1. Plug in a Christmas CD.  Seriously, it fills the house with the spirit of Christmas!
2. Bake some cookies.  And belt out a holiday tune while you stir the dough.
3. Walk around wishing everyone a Happy Christmas (in July)!  It'll make them smile, and you too!
4. Have Hot Chocolate.  Don't forget the candy cane!
5. Break out Christmas magazine back-issues.  Now you know why you held on to them!
6. Have a popsicle.  You probably won't have the craving for them in December..
7. Watch a favorite holiday film.  May I recommend The Muppet's Christmas Carol?
And there you have it.. 
Now go celebrate!

July 7, 2015

Interview: Alive As Always

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed about my art & process for Alive As Always.
Here are a few snippets, you can read the interview in its entirety here.

Thank you Bivi! And a happy Tuesday to all of you little rabbits out there.

July 3, 2015

Sweet Like Honey

Sweet Like Honey   8"x10"  Acrylic on Paper

A little something for a sweet bear's belly. There's never a wrong time for a party, especially for a white bear in the out-of-doors. Grab a handful of honey and join in!

detail of   Sweet Like Honey

This little 'fella is a Spirit Bear. I may be slightly intrigued by them.
Bonus: they bear a striking resemblance to my golden retriever Jangles..

Spirit bears (or Kermode) are North American Black Bears which are born white or cream colored. It's a very special and rare phenomena. According to Native American legend, the spirit bear is a reminder of times past, specifically the white color of ice and snow. 

A happy summer to you!!